Hardware Engineering

Embedded Hardware

We, CoreFragment, designs hardware to work over a range of time and environmental conditions. We make our client satisfied with great reliability to best Embedded hardware design from idea to prototype and production.

Printed Circuit Boards are physical and electrical scaffolds that hold the electronics together and designing them requires a lot of finesse and reliability. Our team of experienced engineers work closely with customers to design reliable, cost effective and rugged circuit boards. Our PCB design team is dedicated as well as experienced, especially when we talk about high-speed wireless board designs and specs. We ensure highest quality product delivery with excellent performance.

Hardware Board Design Proficiency:

  • Feasibility analysis and architecture design exploration
  • Component selection and Value Engineering / BoM Optimization
  • Analog and Digital Design
  • Mixed Signal Design
  • Wireless Design
  • Battery Circuits Design
  • Schematic Design
  • Component Library Design
  • PCB Layout Design
  • Multilayer PCB Design (16 Layers)
  • Small Form Factor
  • Low Power Design
  • High Speed Design
  • RF antenna
  • Design Review and Consulting
  • Hardware Prototyping
  • Board Bring Up and Functional Testing

Technology Platforms